The Role of Immune System

November 17, 2015

The Role of Immune System

 The Immune System protects us from invasion of bacteria, viruses, Candida, therefore it protects us from becoming sick.

If we do become ill, the Immune System quickly organizes an army of white blood cells to come and help the organs to heal. If the Immune System is too weak to help in your recovery, some of the defected cells get unnoticed. These cells have damaged DNA. Their genetic material is no longer compatible with our own DNA. These unnoticed cells have the ability to multiply in an uncontrolled rate that can’t be turned off. Soon a cluster of undifferentiated cells develops  that may lead to cancerous growth.

Weak Immunity also leads to development of other chronic condition from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis and a range of inflammatory conditions.

Any damage (mutation) to our DNA leads to weakness in the Immune System.

 What causes damage to our DNA?

 chemicals (example: mercury in vaccinations is a neurotoxin that causes damage to our nervous system)

-GMO food – Glyphosate

-excessive Electromagnetic field exposure ( microwaves, wireless )

-mineral deficiency

-stimulants ( coffee, alcohol, sugar, tobacco, drugs )



All of these stressors cause acidic cellular environment that causes deprivation of oxygen in the cells

What should we do to protect ourselves from getting sick?

 We have to strengthen our Immune System, so it can fight for us and heal us from the inside out in acute or chronic conditions.

Follow these basic steps:

Balance your ph

-eat more vegetables, sprouts and fruits

-increase sea weed intake to obtain more Omega 3 fatty acids

-drink alkaline juices and smoothies

(juices flush old and dead cells out of your body and help to dissolve heavy  build ups of toxic matter and calcifications)

-increase Enzyme and Probiotic intake!!!

-increase fermented foods: sauerkraut

-increase intake of onion and garlic (they have antimicrobial quality)

-reduce / eliminate stress

Limit or Eliminate

– acidic foods (especially sugar )

– animal protein intake (especially dairy and meats)

– coffee (Read 1998 “Caffeine Blues  Wake up to the hidden danger of America’s number 1 drug” by Stephen Cherniske). He pulls together all the latest research & details the full scope of caffeine’s detrimental effect on our physical, mental & emotional well being

-absolutely eliminate soft drinks and simple sugars (diet coke-contains Aspartame and  at the

86.9 degree F decomposes to Methanol and Formaldehyde that are very toxic. These chemicals are listed as known carcinogens (our body temp is 98.6 degree F)

-absolutely do not eat GMO foods-read the labels

Check your home for mold

-check your home, especially the basements for wet environment ( remember fungus likes moist and dark conditions)

-avoid peanuts (they may contain aflatoxins-a form of fungus that weakens immunity)

-do not eat fruit that just started to spoil

Check your home for presence of electromagnetic field and geopathic stress

Drink enough pure water-proper hydration boosts your immunity

 Install shower heads that remove chlorine from the water

Fast one day per week ( may do fresh juice fasting-ask me for details )

 Consume good quality green food supplements, vegan protein powders, professional brands of supplements, especially superior quality of Enzymes and Probiotics which are the key to proper digestion and absorption of foods.

 Supplements can be easily tested on you by your Naturopathic Practitioner

 Always check your options first when you battle  headaches, frequent colds, fatigue, pains, as some home remedies may help you before you reach for over the counter medications.


Create a peaceful environment and surround yourself with positive people.

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