Self Test For Candida

September 6, 2015

Self Test for Candida

At bedtime, fill a CLEAR GLASS with water and put it at your bedside.

Immediately upon awakening, spit into the glass ( do not work up a bolus of phlegm, just use what is already there ).

Wait 2 minutes. Lift the glass up to a light. Rock it gently and OBSERVE the appearance of the saliva on top of the water.


 If the spit sits on the surface of the water and dissolves slowly, You are fine.

You have no Candida problem.

If there appear to be tentacles -like on a jelly fish – falling to the bottom, You have an overgrowth of Candida ( CANDIDIASIS ).

If the water turns cloudy and the spit sinks, your CANDIDIASIS is serious. There is a lot of Candida in your body.

If your test is positive for Candida, you may have many other health problems to deal with, from fatigue to poor memory, from weight gain to poor digestion.




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