Biomeridian Health Assessment test

August 7, 2016


What is Bioenergetic Health Assessment Test?

Bioenergetic Health Assessment Test is also called electrodermal screening. Discovered and developed by Dr. Voll, a German physician in the early 1940’s. It is a professional computerized health testing system that allows to conduct an interview with the body. The electrodermal system I use at Zawada Health is called MSAS Professional. The MSAS reads a galvanic skin response through the Chinese acupuncture meridian points located on the hands and feet. These points are more electrically conductive than other points in the surrounding tissues. The meridian theory is the study of physiological functions and changes along these energetic pathways and the related organs located on these pathways and it is a guiding principle for clinical practice of Acupuncture in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The electrodermal test provides a measurement of your individual energetic and organ profile. There are no needles or puncturing of the skin involved A low level electric stimulus is passed through the body while the client holds a brass handle in one hand. A reading is taken for each point and stored in the computer. The reading above 55 indicates an organ being stressed and working over it’s capacity. A reading below 45 signifies organ being weak and inefficient. The MSAS can also determine the body’s electrical reaction to many of the stress producing substances and influences of modern day living. We can use the test results to address certain imbalances and concerns by supporting and nourishing the affected organs through diet, lifestyle changes, proper supplementation and physical therapies, such as: Acupuncture, Bowen Therapy and other modalities. An individualized program for each person can be developed.

Accurate and professional interpretation of the test results are offered after the test is completed and an individualized program for each person can be developed. This test is not intended to diagnose or treat diseases, but rather serves as a guideline to develop comprehensive, individualized program. The awareness of your present condition will enable you to become increasingly involved with your health and get more in tune with your body.

When the body is not properly nourished and is unable to eliminate waste it starts to become inflamed , painful, feeling heavy and generally unwell. Dietary changes and removal of food irritants that imbalance your organs are the main focus in treating chronic conditions after being tested with Biomeridian Health Assessment Test. It is evident to health care practitioners that many or rather most chronic conditions are related to improper or incomplete digestion and elimination caused by food intolerances.

The purpose of Bioenergetic testing is not to diagnose, but rather assess a profile of your present condition. The test results and the results of nutritional analysis serve as a guideline to develop an individual program that will enable you to become increasingly involved with your health and in the process of doing so become vital again..

It is not how long you live, but how well you feel during your life.

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