Adrenal Fatigue and Ashwaganda Herb

August 7, 2016

Adrenal Fatigue and Ashwaganda Herb-a powerful rejuvenating tonic.
By Dr. Bernadette Janczak, ND

My favourite herb to use in my practice is Ashwaganda. It is an “adaptogenic” herb that means being able to improve ability to withstand stress.
Stress is a very common cause of acute and chronic ailments from anxiety attacks to tiredness and joint or muscle pain. The stress is always there and we can’t really run away from it, but we can support our adrenal glands with herbs like Ashwaganda to minimize the negative effects of it on our body.

Ashwaganda is sometimes called “Indian Ginseng”, as the uses of both herbs are very similar, only Ashwaganda is much milder and less stimulating. Botanically, Ashwaganda and Ginseng are completely different.
Ashwaganda can be used as a rejuvenating tonic after debilitating diseases, because it is the most nourishing super food. It improves the body’s physical energy, strengthens the immune system to prevent colds, flu’s and even more serious infections.
Although, Ashwaganda is improving adrenal function and increases energy, it doesn’t prevent us from sleeping. Being supported by Ashwaganda, the body adopts to daily stresses preventing weakening of such an important organ like Adrenal gland. It actually helps the body to relax and fall asleep, therefore it is used for Insomnia.

Other benefits of Ashwaganda are: reduction of cholesterol, increase of Hemoglobin, enhancement of fertility and sexual function for both women and men.

Use the organic powder form of Ashwaganda-one teaspoon one to two times daily in hot water, shakes or almond milk.
It also come in a form of tea. Use 1 tsp of Ashwaganda tea to one cup boiling water. Steep for 7-10 minutes. Just sit and relax with your daily dose of this wonderful drink.

Ashwaganda is very safe if taken as prescribed by your ND. It has mild sedative effects, so a little caution if you are taking prescription drugs-sedatives, as it may potentiate its effects.

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